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Our customers are typically interested in either renovating or extending an existing attraction, opening a new attraction or they’re looking for new ways to support their main businesses. In the attraction business industry, customers are used to having to deal with several different service providers, such as consultants, design offices, project management companies and a wide range of different suppliers. Lappset Creative serves our customers in a different way - we provide all of these services under one contract.

We want to help customers to make the right choices and work through the whole investment process together as efficiently as possible. After the critical business decisions have been made, Lappset Creative takes full responsibility of seeing the investment project through – from the first concept sketches all the way to training the customer’s staff to use and operate the new attraction as planned.

Through Lappset Creative’s approach, the customer is freed from managing the details to instead use their time and resources to plan post-launch arrangements, such as PR, marketing, recruitment, partnerships and other operational details.

In short, as a partner Lappset Creative takes the burden off our customer’s shoulders and minimises known risks associated with attraction development projects. Lappset Creative stands committed to creating inspirational, successful attractions and growing our customer’s businesses.

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Pre-Investment Workshop

Pre-Investment Workshop

The Lappset Creative Pre-Investment Workshop is ideally done before any critical business decisions. In the workshop Lappset Creative shares from decades of experience and expertise and helps the customer plan the attraction project in the most viable way possible. The main workshop topics covered are

1) Market and competition
2) Location, space and accessibility
3) Business planning and financial projections
4) Target user group analysis and visitor experience planning
5) The right level of investment and project timetable planning

Concept sketching and/or block layout plans can be added to the workshop.

Indicatively the pre-investment process takes 2-3 days of our customer’s time.

"Our customers benefit from taking Lappset Creative on board as early as possible. Our experience, knowledge and creative thoughts bring fresh new ideas and practical advice to the table and help answer tricky questions. We can often take the existing plan to a whole new level, helping our customer to do business more profitably. "

Concept design services

Concept design services

Lappset Creative works closely with the customer designing the attraction concept and overall visitor experience. Together we look at the big picture as much as the details to define the master plan for our customer’s vision.

In the concept design phase we handle the communication with IP owners, acquiring all needed design approvals for licensed IP and brands. Brands or themes owned by the customer can naturally also be incorporated in the design.

Indicatively the concept design phase takes about one or two months for a 2000-3000 m2 themed activity attraction. The design approval processes for licensed IP may sometimes impact the overall schedule with a couple of weeks.

"Concept design is one of the most important value creation processes in attraction development. It has a major impact on the overall visitor experience, use of space, the number of activities and functions, project schedule and especially on the investment total. Concept design also impacts long term operational costs. It pays off to invest time and resources in concept design."

Full turnkey solution

Full turnkey solution

In the full turnkey solution Lappset Creative takes the responsibility for developing your attraction from the very first ideas to the final stage of welcoming your first customers to the attraction. You as an investor or operator get to keep your focus on the strategy, operations and future developments of your business.

In a full turnkey solution Lappset Creative also handles the utilities and structural engineering of the space. By including this service we ensure the space is prepared and ready for the attractions and its intended use and footflow. When everything is managed from a single point it saves a lot of time, money and stress.

Lappset Creative is a realiable, experienced and capable partner who can add a lot of value to your investment. Our large international organization is ready to serve you in your small and medium sized attraction business projects.

"Lappset Creative wants first and foremost to provide the best visitor experience, quality and safety. We deliver what has been agreed, on time and on budget. The best way of achieving these targets is to take a full control over managing the project, while of course keeping the customer and partners involved."
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