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LasseMajas Deckarhus

DetailsLassemajas Deckarhus is a destination located in Old Linköping, where visitors can participate in group mystery-solving activities in Valleby with LasseMaja's Detective Agency. The venue is designed for children aged 4-14 years old, but adults can also participate in the activities. Overall, Lassemajas Deckarhus offers an exciting and engaging activity for families with children, and provides an opportunity to work together and develop problem-solving skills while having fun in Valleby.

At Lassemajas Deckarhus, visitors can choose between three different mysteries to solve: the Camping Mystery, the Train Mystery, or the Castle Mystery. Groups of 3-5 people work together to collect clues, find evidence, and solve various tasks to catch the culprits in the mysteries of Valleby.

In addition to the mystery-solving activities, visitors can also enjoy coffee and visit the store located upstairs in the Oktagon building before or after their visit to Lassemajas Deckarhus.
The store offers detective-related items and the latest Lassemaja books, as well as other exciting books.
LocationLinköping, Sweden
Area size 1013 m2
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