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DetailsThe Portal Action House – is a Real Life 8-Bit Platformer World. The retro games themed attraction takes kids, youngsters and playful minded adults off their touchscreens to environment where self-motivated sports bring entertainment and exercise for a
half-day visit or more in a fresh and interesting scenery.

The Portal Action House has been built in a spirit of most iconic elements from old 8-Bit games, that create nostalgic feelings among the older ones, but are still fresh and interesting for kids by the massive popularity of retro-style game hits like Minecraft.

Platformer Action Park is a unique space, that comes alive as social, self-motivated environment to do sports, but also
to meet new people. Even so that in the spirit of competing with friends, learning new tricks or just fooling around, visitors
don’t even always realize they are also doing some serious exercise at the same time.

Lappset Creative designed and planned The Portal Action House concept, and has been responsible for the supply and installation.
LocationSevenum, The Netherlands
Area size 1000 m²
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